MP008: Matt Heffner of Our Daily Rest – Make Time for Rest 🎙️

Our Daily Rest will help you cultivate a lifestyle of restfulness, balance, wellness, and renewal in all aspects of your life.

Matt Heffner and I got to share a great interview session together talking about some technical stuff, his wife’s blog, what he’s up to right now (at the time of this post) and plans for their future.

We share a lot of similarities when it comes to leading a family, having an entrepreneurial spirit, and how to find the best ways we can make an impact on the world.​

How Was Our Daily Rest Founded?

Around 2005, Matt was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease which is a digestive disease with no known causes and only speculation as to how it develops. By definition, it is incurable.

Matt and his wife Leah also run an online shop called The Red Oak Collective where they have mugs, apparel, books, and other meaningful items that help give value to your life.

How Leading an Entrepreneur Lifestyle Affects Rest

As an entrepreneur, the struggle of trying to focus on one task at a time is extremely difficult. I’m saying this from experience. The hey-that’s-the-next-best-thing mentality is constantly bombarding your concentration and ability to focus.

The life of an entrepreneur is like a roller coaster – except the valleys are deeper and the heights are higher.

When your brain doesn’t shut off (because you love what you do) it’s hard to stop and rest. Sometimes, as Matt says, we just need to go to bed.

Matt’s Advice for Finding Purpose With Skills

When asked about advice he would give to others about using talents and skills, Matt talks about just plain trying stuff. Whether it be working for someone for free or volunteering somewhere, it’s helpful to know the things you do and don’t like.

This reminds me of when how Stephen Shedletsky talked about drawing peaks and valleys of your life to determine what you enjoy to do.​

Don’t do everything…but explore a lot of things.
-paraphrased quote from Essentialism

Starting Small with Small Moments​

One of the best things we talked about during the podcast was about starting small. Do you have 10 minutes to start writing a blog post? Can you grab a notepad and write for a few minutes to chart next business idea? Matt explains how small things along the way are key.

What Are Matt’s Future Plans?

Working from home, Matt talks about how he doesn’t doubt his long term plans because he has confidence in himself to find mentors and stay on the right track to success. That’s awesome because many people out there have doubts about their future as an entrepreneur.

Matt spoke about having a physical retreat center in the future to allow pastors and missionaries a place for rest. Wouldn’t that be great to have a dedicated place to disconnect?




I’m glad we got a chance to have this discussion because it is important that we take time to rest. From the start of the morning until bed, we are connected with technology and always being “on-the-go”. As a Christian, it can be hard to listen to what your purpose is with all the noise.

Think about this: When is the last time you took 5 minutes of silence?


Actually, at this point in time, I’m not 100% sure what’s in the pipeline. I’d like to record a solo episode for the next podcast (since our Heil PR-40 is now repaired!) and we’ll see about the topic!



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